String Wound Water Filter

String Wound Sediment Water Filter Cartridges. Support OEM&ODM, Private Label Making. Used for Whole House, Well, Industrial Water Filtration Systems.

10x2.5 inch String Wound Sediment Water Filtration Cartridge Filter

Food Grade Polypropylene Media. Better Dirt-Holding than Spun Filters. Zero Additives Used. BPA/Lead-Free Guarantee.

Product Specification:
  • Model : PPW10
  • Type : String Wound Water Filter
  • Cert. : NSF/ANSI 42/372, BPA/Lead-Free
  • Supply : 1,000,000 pcs per month
  • Service : Private Label, OEM&ODM
  • Lead Time : 7 to 20 days
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String Wound Water Filter

String Wound Water Filter

String Wound Water Filter

String Wound Sediment Filter

Model: PPW10
Type: String Wound Sediment Water Filter Cartridge
Suitable for: Whole House / Well Systems, Sediment Filtration
Cert.: Based on customers's needs
Filtration Life: 3 — 6 months/ 2500 Gallons (depends on water quality & contaminant level)
Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
Work Pressure: 100 psi  
Work Temp.: 4 - 52 ℃
Outer Diameter: 2.5 inch
Inner Diameter: 1.1 inch
Length: 10 inch
Services: Private Label, Customize Making, OEM&ODM
Production: 1,000,000 pcs per month
Lead time: 7 to 20 days after payment

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