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Why is water purified added to“pure juice”?
Published by BESTPURE June 04,2020

Friends and family gathering during the holiday season are naturally inseparable from drinks. Pure juice, because it comes from fruits, is relatively healthy, and it has become the choice of many families. However, some friends notice that the ingredients list of pure juice actually contains "water purified". The juice is not 100%, and why add water?

water purified

Pure juice is also called 100% juice. It refers to the fruit that has been processed into unfermented juice, or added to the concentrated juice with the same amount of water purified as the natural water lost. It has the color, flavor and soluble solids amount of the original fruit pulp. In other words, if you want to drink pure juice, you can either use the fruit directly to juice, or use a concentrated juice to ratio the water.

water purified

The juice we make at home is juiced directly from the fruit, while the packaged juice purchased from the supermarket is made from concentrated juice and water purified . This is why “pure water” appears in the ingredients list of pure juice. When buying pure juice, you need to pay attention to pure fruit juices, which are generally not contain food additives-- flavors or pigments. For some fruits with higher acidity, in the "General Rules of Drinks", sugar or sour agents are allowed to be added, but not both can be added at the same time. If you see that the juice list has both sugar and sour, it is not pure juice.

Although the juice is good, it is still very different from the fruit in terms of nutrients and freshness, especially the dietary fiber content. Fruits contain more dietary fiber, but the amount of dietary fiber is also minimal after processing into juice. If you can choose fruit, just eat it!

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