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What is the Functions of RO System Replacement Filters?
Published by BESTPURE July 07,2020

RO system replacement filters works for pre sediment filtration, reverse osmosis membrane filtration, taste-improvement and remineralization.

Widely used RO system replacement filters are classified as the following paragraphs.

RO System Replacement Filters

Pre Filtration Replacement Filter

Pre filtration is the first filtering process of a RO system. The pre sediment filters of reverse osmosis system are normally known as PP/GAC/CTO RO system replacement filters.

Polypropylene water filters are the first cartridge used in RO pre filtration to intercept sediments of clay, sand, dust, debris and other small substances visible to naked eyes.

GAC carbon filter cartridges contain lots of granular activated carbon to filter free chlorine, remove abnormal color&smelly odor and eliminate harmful chemicals like pesticide and herbicide remain in water after PP filtration.

CTO carbon block water filters usually arrange in the last position of pre filtration. Compared with GAC, CTO filter cartridge is formed in solid block shape and that brings it a longer filtration expectancy than GAC. Water contact area is larger, filtration lifespan is longer.

All the 3 kinds of cartridges make up RO system replacement filters of pre sediment filtration.


RO Membrane Filter

RO membrane filtration is the essential part of a RO water filter system. It is also the most important one in RO system replacement filters. RO membrane filter all the matters and elements after pre filtration. This is a process to remove ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles remain in water with the help of a partially permeable membrane. Dissolved salts (ions) and impurities like bacteria can be effectively isolated. RO membrane filter is like a barrier in RO system replacement filters to keep water clean enough to reach drinking standard.

RO System Replacement Filters

Post Activated Carbon Filter&Remineralization Cartridge

After RO membrane filtration, filtered water reach a standard of distilled pure water. Although it is very clean and sanitary, nutrient substances and water taste gone with all impurities together. This RO system replacement filters are mainly used for mineralization and water taste improvement. Beneficial minerals like magnesium, calcium and sodium added into water again by using a post activated carbon filter cartridge in RO water filter systems.

After knowing all the above RO system replacement filters, users and retailers will find it more and more easier to decide which RO system replacement filter should be replaced, changed or stocked up.


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