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How Many Types PP Water Filter Cartridge Have?
Published by BESTPURE July 10,2020

Melt blown, string wound and pleated water filters are 3 main types of PP water filter cartridge on the market. These PP water filter cartridges designed with high filtration accuracy and wide application areas to do well in industrial&domestic water filtration.

Melt Blown Water Filter Cartridge

Melt blown water filter is a main type of PP water filter cartridge. Health and sanitation guaranteed by 100 % food grade Polypropylene. Besides that, there is no wetting agents, solvents, antistatic agents or binders at all during whole production process. As a widely-used PP water filter cartridge, its diameter is controlled by special tech to reach a maximum 98% filtration efficiency. Another advantage is gradient design which means filtration micron rates are reduced gradually from outside to inside and that gives it a 30% more capacity than common ones.


String Wound Water Filters

Compared with melt blown cartridges, string wound filters are constructed with different wiring designs in PP water filter cartridge. With the help of that, it has a better dirt collection&dust holding performance than normal melt blown water filter cartridges. This kind of PP water filter cartridges are mostly used in electroplating, electrics and medical industries for liquid processing and filtration. Varies of string patterns provide choices for different filtration of sediments like clay, rust, sand and so on. You could choose it with diverse patterns depends on specific utilization.


Pleated Water Filter Cartridges

Pleated filter cartridges are made of Polypropylene, PVDF, PES or N6. This PP water filter cartridge can be used as filter cartridges for pool&SPA due to its wide contact filtration area and well dirt holding performance. Its integral structure are constructed through hot melting welding technology and no pollution or extra medias at all. This one has excellent consistency for many chemical industries. Also used for beverage, organic solvents, medicine and high purity water filtration.



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