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Effects of Using Hard Water on Human Body
Published by BESTPURE June 06,2020

Scale in the sink, dirty water pipes, faded clothes and dirty bathtubs are some common problems caused by hard water. In addition to these common problems, do you know that hard water can also affect your health? Even after using some of the best beauty products, if you still find dry skin or coarse hair, it may be one of the reasons for hard water. In addition, excessive use of hard water may also cause some health problems.

How does hard water affect your skin?

One of the most obvious effects of hard water is skin irritation, eczema is one example. The use of hard water not only dries the skin but also causes skin spots. These skin problems are caused by the presence of too much minerals in the water. Therefore, the best option is to check the hardness of the water and the presence of calcium and magnesium. If you find that the concentration of these minerals is high, using a bathroom water softener may be the best solution to the problem of hard water. Water softeners can remove calcium, magnesium and certain other metal cations from the water, thereby making the water softer.

Advantages of using soft water for hair

When the hair is rough and tangled, it is difficult to wash off shampoo and other hair care products. However, the mineral water (such as calcium and magnesium) in soft water is low, so it can ensure the safety of hair. Soft water can easily wash away the residue on the soap, making the hair soft and healthy.

Using a water softener can also remove stains from sinks, bathtubs, showers and clothes, and even extend the life of appliances.

The most common complaints attributed to hard water are dry skin, damage to hair and nails, white stains on new surfaces, etc. If this is what you have to face, it is time to bring a household water softener, which can replace sodium ions in hard water, which can absorb salts such as magnesium and calcium in the water, and can improve the quality of water.

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