PP Spun Sediment Filter

PP Spun Sediment Filter for Whole House, RO, Well System. Supply Bulk Distributors. Private Label, Customize Making. Email: inquiry@uswaterfilterstore.com

5 Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridges for Whole House & RO Systems

Product Specification:
  • Types : Spun, Wound, Pleated
  • Min Order : 300 pcs
  • Cert. : NSF, WQA, IAPMO
  • Service : Private Label, Customize, OEM&ODM
  • Supply : Bulk Distributor, Wholesale Dealer
  • Location : Los Angeles, CA
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Water Filter Cartridge

Water Filter Cartridge

Water Filter Cartridge

Support customizations of private labeling, grooved, press lined, embossed and other OEM&ODM making.

Water Filter Cartridge

Supply Wholesalers & Retailers & Resellers.   Email: inquiry@uswaterfilterstore.com
Competitive Price, Excellent Characteristics, 7x24 Hour After Sale, NSF/WQA Certified.

Cartridges Types PP Spun, String Wound, Pleated Filter
Micron Range 1 to 200 micron and more
Length 10 to 60 inch and more
For Whole House, RO, Well, Tabletop & Undersink Systems
Service Private Label, Customize Making, OEM&ODM
Supply Bulk Distributor, Wholesale Dealer, Resellers
Output 1,000,000 pcs per month
Sample Free provided
Business  Whole Sale Manufacturer
Brand BestPure
Product Category Fridge Filter, Pool & SPA Filter, Water Filter Cartridges,etc.
Output 50,000,000 pcs Per Year
Foundation Year of 2001
Cert. NSF, WQA, IAPMO, TUV, etc.
Location Los Angeles, CA, USA

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