RV Inline Hose Filter

Compatible with Camco, Clear2o RVs. NSF 42 Certified Carbon. High End KDF55 Media. Welcome Distribution Sellers. Private Labeling & Customization Available.

2-Pack Inline Filter for Camco TastePure & Clear2o RV, Distribution& Resale Only

Wholesale RV Inline Water Filter Cartridges. Bulk Pricelist Email: inquiry@uswaterfilterstore.com Private Labeling Available. Welcome Inquiries.

Product Specification:
  • Model : YW003-H (2-Pack)
  • Media : KDF55, Activated Carbon
  • For : Camco & Clear2o RV
  • Cert. : NSF 42 approved by IAPMO
  • Supply : 100,000 pcs Per Month
  • Service : Private Label, Customize Making
  • Lead Time : 7 to 20
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RV Inline Water Filter


Removes ChlorinePesticides, Voc and Heavy Metals.

Inhibits the growth of Microorganisms.

Activated Carbon:

NSF certified Natural Coconut shell/husk carbon.

Remove Chlorine, Odor, Color, VOC, THM's.


RV, Trailer, Gardening, Filling Water to Fish Tank & Bath Tub.

RV Inline Water Filter

Camco RV Water Filter

RV Inline Water Filter

RV Inline Water Filter

Bulk Pricing Quotation Email: inquiry@uswaterfilterstore.com

A Best Pure Sales Representative will reply in 24 hours.

Item: YW003-H
Material: KDF55 + activated carbon
Cert.: NSF/ANSI 42 approved by IAPMO
Hose Protector Plastic, Stainless Steel (Optional)
For: RV, Trailers, Marine, Gardening, Filling Water to Tank & Tubs.
Filtration Life: 3 months/ 1000 gallons (depends on water quality and contaminant level)
For: Camco 40045, 40042; Clear2o RVs
Services: Private Label, Customize Making, OEM&ODM
Production: 100,000 pcs Per Month
Lead Time: 7 to 20 days after payment (depends on quantity)
Business  Whole Sale Manufacturer
Brand BestPure
Product Category Fridge Filter, Pool & SPA Filter, Water Filter Cartridges,etc.
Foundation Year of 2001
Annual Output 50,000,000 pcs Each year
Cert. NSF, WQA, IAPMO, TUV, etc.
Location Los Angeles, CA, USA

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